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  1. Lithium Silicate

    Lithium Silicate is the smallest stable Silica on earth. One silicon dioxide molecule is attached to a Lithium atom. Lithium Silicate forms a stable high ratio, low viscosity solution. Once dried, Lithium Silicate is relatively insoluble compared to Potassium and Sodium Silicates.
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  2. POLISI Densifier

    CETEX POLISI - Potassium Lithium Silicate is a premium mixed silicate. It hardens a wide variety of cementatious surfaces. When POLISI is applied, it penetrates the surface and it reacts with the free calcium hydroxide to produce a by-product, which fills up the pores on the surface. Being bigger molecule compared to Lithium Silicate, penetration is lower, hence more suitable for porous surfaces. ADVANTAGES Penetrates into the surface to harden and decrease the porosity of the surface. It improves the light reflectance and on polishing the surface results in permanent and attractive sheen. Helps reduce damaging alkali-silica reactions (ASR) and protects from weathering and efflorescence It provides a tough protected surface that does not dis-colour or show pedestrian or vehicular wear marks. By reducing the pores of the surface, it aids in curing of green concrete. Improves the abrasion resistance of the surface. It does not cause efflorescence and is more stable than sodium. It helps in waterproofing & improves the chemical resistance of the surface. Protects the surface against scratching or peeling thus making it dustproof. Concentrated for easy transportation and can be easily applied. It can be applied in both new as well as old constructions. It is economical to use.
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  3. Nano Silica

    Nano Silica is potassium stabilized. Hence there is no detrimental effect of Sodium particles. It can be used for surface coating without fear of surface cracks, which happens with sodium particles. Due to the above mentioned property, it can be mixed with other silicates for various formulations particularly for coating. Both potassium and silica are beneficial for agriculture. Nano Silica is an additive to the cement mix, which imparts higher strength of concrete mix. It is used as binder in refractory mortar and specialty cements.
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  4. Potassium Lithium Silicate

    The small lithium molecule in Potassium Lithium Silicate penetrates inside the treated surface for better densification and improved properties of the surface, which is not possible in usage of only potassium or sodium silicate.
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  5. Sodium Potassium Lithium Silicate

    The lithium molecule in Sodium Potassium Lithium Silicate quickly dissociates from the system, which disturbs the Silica - Alkali ratio. This catalyzes the formation of free Silicic Acid in the system. This results in faster densification/hardening /adhesion. It is much economical.
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  6. Potassium Silicate

    Potassium Silicate is more soluble and compatible with other ingredients than Sodium Silicate. Compared to sodium silicate it does not form white carbonate film i.e. efflorescence, on exposure to atmosphere. It is used as binder during production of welding rod, as soft violet flame of potassium is easier to see through during welding compared to blinding yellow flame of sodium. Potassium silicate is convenient source of potassium for plant nutrients.
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