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  1. Nano Silica Activated

      CETEX NASA NAno Silica Activated is new generation product specially made for castings like refractories, high strength concrete, etc. It is used as an additive to the wet concrete mix. Hydration of concrete is like a chemical reaction. However due to slow activation of the ingredients and less or nil mobility of the reactants at later stage of hydration, it results in incomplete hydration. Thus complete theoretical potential of strength possible in concrete mix is not achieved even after long duration. NASA, being activated silica, catalyses the hydration of cement, thereby, it not only results in earlier setting of concrete, but also results in higher strength of concrete.
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    • Micro Silica

        CETEX MICRO SILICA is a super pozzolan - a finely powdered material, containing amorphous (reactive) silica, when added to wet concrete mix, it results in better quality and durability and it gives higher strength. It complies with ASTM C1240 & IS 15388. ADVANTAGES Higher compressive strength by 10-25 % Reduces the rate of carbonation increases the durability. Lower permeability resistance to penetration of water, chloride & other chemicals Lower free lime formation - delays ettringite and thaumasite formation Controls bleeding in fresh concrete Lower Heat of Hydration, which prevents formation of cracks.
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